Does Sofia Carson have tattoos? The actress is covered in meaningful ink designs for her role in Netflix’s Purple Hearts, and fans are wondering if they’re real or fake. Keep reading for more details about Sofia’s possible tattoos.

Does Sofia Carson Have Tattoos?

As it turns out, the former Disney Channel star actually has no known tattoos. However, she could totally have a hidden ink design that fans don’t know about. So, the tattoos fans are seeing onscreen in Purple Hearts are fake and just for her character of Cassie.

What Has Sofia Carson Said About Tattoos?

Sofia revealed that putting on Cassie’s tattoos helped her get into character for the Netflix movie.

“We’re very different. I think we’re very similar in a lot of ways, like her passion for justice is very similar to mine, her love of music, of course. But Cassie is like — she’s messy, you know? She’s unpredictable, she’s tough, she’s unafraid to say exactly what she thinks when she thinks that regardless of the consequences,” Sofia explained to The Wrap in July 2022. “I’m more polished, and more put together, I think through things much more. And Cassie, is not that. She’s like the antithesis of me.”

Does Sofia Carson Have Tattoos? The Actress Is Covered in Ink for 'Purple Hearts'
Hopper Stone/Netflix

The Descendants alum went on to say that “physically, the transformation helped as well.”

“I had [tattoos] that I got to pick which was so cool,” Sofia said about creating Cassie’s character. “You know, her clothes, her style, I was very involved in picking to make sure it was like kind of rock and roll, kind of an ode to the 70s, kind of tomboyish not very feminine. So I think all of that helped to really bring her to life.”

Aside from the physical transformation of playing this role, the “LOUD” songstress said this role was her “greatest challenge as an actor” thus far. “And it was one of the most beautiful experiences that I’ve had as an actor,” she told The Wrap.

Will Sofia Carson Ever Get Tattoos?

While promoting Purple Hearts alongside costar Nicholas Galitzine, the actress revealed if she would ever get a tattoo and what it would symbolize.

“That is so tough. I picked all of Cassie’s tattoos and all of them had a very special meaning to her. She did have one of her lyrics on her arm — ‘blue side of the sky’ — which I think is such a meaningful and powerful lyric and song,” Sofia told Nerds of Color in July 2022. “Cassie also has butterflies on her arm. I’ve always loved butterflies. Butterflies are the symbol of immigration, and Cassie is very much representative of a butterfly, so I think I would do a butterfly.”

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