Take a walk down memory lane with Ariana Grande!

By now, it’s no secret that after a successful Nickelodeon career the songstress stepped out of the acting scene and made a major name for herself in the music industry. With six studio albums under her belt, Ariana has definitely come a long way from the days of her red hair on Victorious, and it’s safe to say that she’s evolved a lot over time. She went from being known as a Sam & Cat star to having perfected the ponytail and oversized sweatshirt trend.

Ariana’s styles may change over the years as she grows up, but thankfully, her evolution is forever available for viewing thanks to YouTube. Although it seems like she’s seriously found herself (and true love) in 2020, according to her current Positions era, the singer had a few different phases before getting to this point. From crop tops to princess dresses and everything in between, Ariana has shown off many styles in her music videos over the years.

To celebrate her continued success and her most honest musical era yet, J-14 decided to look back at all of Ariana’s music videos and break them all down. Scroll through our gallery for a major walk down memory lane!

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