The Descendants stars are heading back to Auradon for a wedding special! A little over two years since the third and final Descendants movie premiere via Disney Channel, everyone’s favorite villains are back to celebrate Mal (Dove Cameron) and King Ben (Mitchell Hope) as they officially tie the knot during the animated special, Descendants: The Royal Wedding.

Ahead of the special, stars Booboo Stewart (who plays Jay) and Cheyenne Jackson (who plays Hades) spoke with J-14 exclusively about getting back into their characters in a new capacity.

“I thought it was really, it was really fun. It was interesting,” Booboo shared. “When you are on set, you put on the clothes and the whole getup really actually makes such a difference. So, to not have that and to not have been this character for years it was fun reading the lines and being like, ‘Oh, how does Jay sound?'”

'Descendants: The Royal Wedding' Cast Spills on Reprising Their Disney Channel Roles: 'It Was Inter
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Although Booboo said it was “really nice” getting to reprise his role, Cheyenne noted that they were “extra” isolated while recording the animated special amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Not even the engineer could be in the booth, so it was just us and a big cacophony of screens and voices coming at us,” the American Horror Story alum recalled. “It was a surreal and, kind of, a great experience to try to have to recreate your character but only using your voice box.”

Aside from Descendants, both Booboo and Cheyenne starred in Netflix’s hit series Julie and the Phantoms together. Booboo played Willie in the musical series, while Cheyenne appeared as the villain Caleb Covington.

“Booboo is just, what you see is what you get. He’s just a great, kind spirit but also really professional and really a great actor,” Cheyenne gushed. “Once again, I’m playing the bad guy. In Julie and the Phantoms, I get to be really mean to Booboo.”

The Twilight alum added, “Whenever Cheyenne’s on set, the energy changes. I feel like he’s just such a force of like a man. He’s got so much strength and being able to hang out with Cheyenne and to do it again … it’s very fun. Very interesting.”

Although it’s unclear whether or not the duo will return for a second season of Julie and the Phantoms, Booboo praised the “extremely fun” cast. “I thought it was great,” he said. “Hopefully, we do it again.”

Descendants: The Royal Wedding premieres on Disney Channel on Friday, August 13, after Spin

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