Can you imagine how iconic it would be if Brie Larson starred in The Hunger Games?! Well guys, that was almost the case! Yep, the actress just revealed that she was almost cast in the fan-favorite film series and we’re seriously shook.

For those who missed it, the Captain Marvel actress recently launched her YouTube channel and for her first video, the actress chatted with various YouTube stars — like LaurDIY, Lilly Singh and more — in order to gather insight on what people would want to see from her as a digital creator. During a conversation with Swoozie, whose real name is Adande Thorne, Brie reveled that she actually auditioned for the Star Wars franchise. After the content creator explained that viewers would love to hear stories about her past auditions, the blonde beauty listed all the famous films that she had been passed over for throughout her career.

“This is a very good idea because I auditioned for Hunger Games, I auditioned for The Terminator reboot,” she dished, before jumping into a story about getting a flat tire on the way to one of her past auditions.

But, at the end of the say, it seemed to work out for Brie’s career since she’s a literal superhero now! Honestly we’re so here for her budding YouTube career and can’t wait for some sure-to-be epic content.

As fans know, Brie’s story came just after NikkieTutorials remembered the time she was almost a star of The Vampire Diaries. 

“I was almost cast as Meredith in The Vampire Diaries,” Nikkie explained in a new video. “That people, is the truth. A couple of years ago when I was really young and just did a couple of Vampire Diaries makeup tutorials, the casting agency behind The Vampire Diaries contacted me through email and they were like, ‘OK girl, we see that you’re a huge fan, we think you could be a perfect fit for Meredith.’”

Naturally, the makeup artist was super excited over it.

“They basically sent me an entire scene. I had to film it, I had to reenact it. It was basically an audition tape. They loved what I did and they were talking about flying me out to Atlanta, GA, where they filmed the show,” she continued. “Basically everything was a go, we were looking at flights, we were looking at it all.”

But in the end, it didn’t work out.

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