Following a recent party held at the Sway House amid the current coronavirus pandemic, Bryce Hall has been called out online for allegedly kicking a trans woman out of the house.

When the TikTok star tweeted, “Cancel culture looking for their next victim,” Twitter user @leahhhskye took to social media and responded in a since-deleted tweet, which was screenshotted and reposted. Her response read, “Babe you kicked my two friends and I out of a ‘party’ [because] two of us are proudly trans and our other friend was a Black female? So, expect to be canceled? Why are people like you given a platform? It’s mind-boggling.”

Bryce Hall Comes Under Fire After He's Accused Of Kicking Trans Women Out Of Party

She also uploaded a since-deleted TikTok video that clarified exactly what happened the night she was allegedly kicked out the party. Drama YouTuber Anna Opp reposted the TikTok in a recently uploaded YouTube video.

“So, me and my homegirls pull up to a party,” the social media user explained. “Not even five minutes into the party, we get kicked out because I’m transgender, because my friend is transgender, because my friend is gay, and because my friend is a Black woman. It’s 2020. The next time some s**t like this happens, it’s not gonna go down like this. I can promise you that.”

Fans of Bryce were quick to come to his defense claiming that there was no “proof” of the alleged incident. Others argued that the Sway House founder needs to be “canceled” because of this, and his past actions. Previously the 20-year-old apologized after he came under fire and was slammed on social media for posting an “insensitive” tweet about the LGBTQ+ community.

Bryce has not publicly responded to the accusations made about kicking leahhhskye and her friends out of the party. He has not immediately responded to J-14‘s request for comment.

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