Are the two biggest bands in the world friends? BTS and BLACKPINK are both mega groups in their own right and have interacted a number of times, whether it’s at fashion events, red carpets and live shows. Keep reading for all the times the two were seen together.

ICYMI, BTS consists of seven members: RMJinSUGAJ-HopeJiminV and Jung Kook. BLACKPINK has four: Jennie KimLisa, Rosé and Jisoo. As they are the biggest groups in K-pop (and in the world), fans often “ship” the band members together and often stir up rumors that they’re dating one another.

BTS member V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were first rumored to be dating in May 2022, when photos of the two driving through Jeju Island, South Korea, started to circulate throughout social media. Jennie’s music company, YG Entertainment, released a statement following the release of the pics: “We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding. 

Following that, what looked like leaked photos from Jennie’s camera roll were allegedly put on the internet. In those pictures, Jennie is posed with V in multiple settings, vacations and more.

In October 2022, YG Entertainment officially released a statement regarding the leaked photos.

“We have officially requested the police to investigate who first circulated Blackpink Jennie’s personal photos,” Jennie’s agency said in a statement via BBC. “YG has been consistently monitoring the matter and filed a lawsuit in September after collecting information.”

YG’s request came just days following a statement issued by BTS’ V’s label, Big Hit, that it had filed a criminal complaint against an unnamed person who has allegedly posted “malicious” statements and rumors about the group on multiple platforms. The agency didn’t specifically mention V or Jennie by name, though.

 “We are currently following our legal response process, which monitors and collects evidence on malicious postings for 365 days and then includes them on the complaint,” Big Hit said in a statement posted to Weverse. “Active reporting of our fans has been a big help to our malicious postings monitoring initiatives.”

 The most notable evidence that V and Jennie were dating was after the pair were ​seemingly spotted holding hands while walking through Paris in May 2023, according to a TikTok video that surfaced online. Neither V nor Jennie’s companies have confirmed or denied dating speculation as of now.

 Scroll through the gallery below to see a collection of all of the times BTS and BLACKPINK have interacted with one another.

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