V is sharing his love of jazz to ARMY! The BTS singer dropped his solo debut album, titled Layover, on September 8, 2023, which pulls from his love for jazz and classical music.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, V explained that he “always had the desire” to try making jazz-inspired music himself, as it’s the music he grew up listening to. And while he was preparing the album, he had a realization: “I thought, ‘Since this is the music that was always my source of comfort, why don’t I try to return the feeling for ARMY?'”

Keep reading for details on his debut album, song meanings and lyric breakdown.

BTS V’s ‘Layover’ Solo Album Tracklist

V’s mini-album features six tracks, including: “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” “For Us” and a bonus piano track version of “Slow Dancing.” Of the six tracks, the BTS member has released music videos for “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days” and “Slow Dancing.

The title Layover came about while I was contemplating what my final destination is in my life and career and the way to get there,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “The intent behind naming my first solo album, Layover, is to represent a starting point ,like I’m just beginning to paint the picture that is Kim Taehyung.”

The Korean artist realized that instead of rushing to “the final destination” of creating this album, or even, of life, that he wanted to take his time and enjoy the process.

“Why not give yourself the time to rest, look back at myself, and create new goals? Thinking about all of that, I decided on the name Layover. I really hope that listeners of this album will also take it as an opportunity to reflect on their lives, think about their goals, and take some moments of rest wherever they need.”

“For ‘Rainy Days,’ I wanted to focus on V’s inner self instead of his outwardly glamour,” she shared. “I had specific styles of music that I wanted to suggest to V, considering his vocal tone and style. As soon as he heard the tracklist I made for him, we instantly agreed on the direction.”

ICYMI, V is the seventh and final member of BTS to debut a solo project since announcing their group hiatus in June 2022. On top of that, it was announced in October 2022, that the group will complete mandatory military service with plans to come back together as a group “around 2025,” after all seven members complete their service.

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Since the band’s announcement, multiple members of BTS have released their own solo work. J-Hope was the first, releasing his album Jack In the Box in July 2022, with Jin making his solo debut with “Astronaut” in October and RM releasing his album Indigo in December of that same year.

In 2023, Jimin made his solo debut with album FACE in March and Suga released album D-DAY under his solo alias Agust D in April. In July, Jung Kook made his long awaited solo debut with his single and music video for “Seven.”

Scroll through our gallery below to see our album breakdown of V’s solo mini-EP, Layover.

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