Having a chauffeur is a huge perk of being a celebrity, and when you’ve got a personal driver to take you everywhere, it’s only natural to not be in a rush to get your driver’s license, right? Well, that was the case for a lot of our favorite stars. Take Ariana Grande, Niall Horan, and Ed Sheeran for example — they all got their licenses super late!

It turns out, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer didn’t learn to drive until he was 24 years old! “Passed my driving test yesterday, zoom zoom zoom,” Ed shared in October of 2015 in a now deleted tweet. And why did he wait so long to get it? Apparently, he just never got around to it! Well, we guess that makes sense when you’re busy touring the world, selling out stadiums, and dropping major hits.

Like Ed, some stars took a while to learn to drive because they just didn’t have the time or didn’t feel the need, while others opted not to get their licenses right away because they were actually terrified of driving. And some celebs took a while because they just couldn’t pass the test! Scroll through our gallery to see all the stars that got their driver’s licenses late, and find out why they decided to wait.

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