John B, it’s time to break down your love life! Chase Stokes became a major heartthrob after starring as the treasure-hunting teen on Netflix’s Outer Banks, which premiered in April 2020. Following his whirlwind rise to fame, the actor made major headlines for his real-life relationship with costar Madelyn Cline.

After the series rose to popularity, eagle-eyed fans started to theorize that the actors — who played onscreen couple John B and Sarah Cameron — were more than just friends when the cameras stopped rolling. The pair confirmed their relationship via social media in June 2020.

“It was just always work-oriented — really until the day we wrapped,” Chase told Us Weekly in February 2021. “It wasn’t until after that, until we started to kind of get into the lockdown where we were like, ‘Is there something here or am I crazy?’ That’s sort of where it bloomed from there. I think we were just so invested in the work.”

As they continued to date while filming the show’s second season, both Chase and Madelyn spoke at length about separating their work and home lives.

“Madelyn and I are very transparent about our relationship and we keep our personal stuff at home,” the Uglies star explained to Fashion Week Daily  in August 2021. “Obviously, we spent a lot of time together, so there’s definitely some that leaks through! And that’s totally fine. But it’s fun to create characters that are not ourselves, and then make different decisions than what we would probably normally make. So it’s fun; it’s a lot of fun to sort of dive into a different world.”

While their relationship looked strong to fans, the two ended up calling it quits after a little more than a year together. In November 2021, Us Weekly confirmed Chase and Madelyn’s breakup with a source telling the publication: “They’ve been trying to work it out for quite some time but decided going their separate ways was best.”

But despite their split, there seems to be no bad blood between them.

“She’s one of my favorite people on planet Earth,” Chase gushed to Us Weekly in December 2021. “You know, it’s super awesome to work with somebody that you care about that much, and yeah, I’ll leave it at that.”

When it comes to his love life, Madelyn isn’t the only relationship Chase has had over the years. Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the Outer Banks star’s love life. 

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