Mark your calendars, Disney Channel fans, because there’s more to come from Sydney to the Max season 3! Viewers’ should be gearing up for an official trip back to the ’90s with Max and Leo as more episodes premiere.

Starring Ruth Righi (Sydney), Jackson Dollinger (Young Max), Ava Kolker (Olive), Christian J. Simon (Leo), season 3 will continue the story lines of Sydney and her single dad living with Grandma Judy. Of course, Max’s experiences in the ’90s will continue to parallel his young daughter’s, except she’ll be dealing with social media issues — something he never had to deal with. Thankfully, Sydney has her BFF Olive.

The first half of the season premiered in March 2021. According to a press release from the network, fans can expect to see the fan-favorite series’ “boldest season yet” as the ’90s kids, along with Sydney and Olive in present day, kick off their eighth grade year. Both sets of teens will encounter new experiences and challenges, including “relevant issues such as struggles with cultural identity, trying to fit in, coping with divorce and the impact of microaggressions.”

Jackson also spilled some tea with J-14 exclusively about what’s to come and explained that he’s “pumped for it to come out.”

“The biggest thing that viewers are going to see is Young Max and Alisha’s relationship really progressing and their ongoing connection growing,” the actor added. “I can’t wait for you guys to see that.”

As for his favorite scene from season 3? Jackson loved getting a chance to roller blade with Cassidey Fralin, who plays Alisha. Although the Disney Channel star said that he fell “a little bit,” he joked that “no body saw it.” He also noted that there were a lot of changes when filming this season compared to the others due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Production is way different with the face shields and the masks,” the “I’m Yours 2” singer also shared. “I’m really grateful that we had such great safety team to make sure that we were all safe and staying six feet apart. … Season 3 was definitely a different experience to shoot.”

Jackson isn’t the only Sydney to the Max star who has gushed over the ongoing third season. J-14 has caught up with the show’s stars exclusively, and they spilled some major tea on what fans can expect to see. Scroll through our gallery to see what we know about Sydney to the Max season 3 so far!

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