Bestie goals! Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio became the best of friends after the moved to Los Angeles following their rise to fame on TikTok, and they’ve been experiencing life together ever since. In 2019, the girls blew up on the social media app and became members of the famed influencer squad, the Hype House. Even after leaving the internet-famous house, Dixie and Addison stayed close.

Because of their status on TikTok, fans were convinced that there was bad blood between the duo in Summer 2020, but they were quick to shut down feud rumors. In a since-deleted TikTok video from June 2020, Dixie and Addison used the app’s green screen effect to show a headline that read, “What’s Going on Between Dixie and Addison?” Dixie, for her part, turned to Addison and asked, “Hey, what’s going on?” The He’s All That star rolled her eyes at the camera as they both laughed, making it clear that they were besties. “I’d love to know @addisonre,” Dixie captioned the clip.

After addressing speculation that they didn’t like each other, the girls took to the boxing ring for a YouTube video where they fake fought for three rounds to settle all the rumors once and for all. At the end, the girls hugged it out. See, best friends for life!

Since then, the girls have continued to make a bunch of TikTok videos together and, yes, they almost all go viral. Addison also appeared as a guest on Dixie’s YouTube show, the Dixie D’Amelio Show, where they discovered that they had a crush on the same TikTok star before becoming famous on the app.

“Is there anyone you had a crush on, on TikTok, that you met after you blew up?” Dixie asked Addison in September 2020, admitting she thought Troy Zarba was cute. “He was the only person on my For You page before I came out [to Los Angeles]. I didn’t know any of these people.”

Addison replied, “I was going to say that! I definitely had a crush on Troy when I was in college. I remember I was scrolling through his page because he was super big at the time … Before we met him, we were obsessed with him.”

Even though both budding singers have growing circles of famous friends, they’ll always have each other! Scroll through our gallery to see Addison and Dixie’s cutest best friend moments since their rise to fame. 

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