TikTok star Jaden Hossler took to Twitter on Monday, July 13, and addressed a series of past, insensitive tweets that resurfaced on the app. The 19-year-old spoke out and apologized, telling fans he is “proud of the change” that he has made since the tweets in question were posted in 2017.

“I don’t deny anything I’ve done in the past. You’re right, I do have a past that I’m NOT proud of but I AM proud of the change I have made in my mind, my words and my actions. I genuinely just want to make music that helps others like much music did for me love leads to change,” he wrote on Friday, July 10.

For those who missed it, this message came after the TikTok Room Instagram account posted screenshots of his old social media posts — some of which have since been deleted — that showed him seemingly showing support for a hate group. According to other screenshots that were posted to the Instagram account, Jaden spoke out and addressed the tweets in 2019 claiming that he was “not as open minded” as he is now, and asked followers to leave him alone “about his past.” In 2019, another social media post showed Jaden saying that he is “not homophobic.”

After his recent apology, the singer returned to Twitter and added, “It’s very easy to hate others/things when you hate yourself, trust me I have been there for most of my life. It wasn’t until iI realized that it was the hate In my own heart that casted the hate onto others,” on Monday, July 13.

“I understand I hurt a lot of people with my words from the past, but THANKFULLY I have grown and that’s just not who I am today. I genuinely love everyone because everyone deserves to be loved,” he added in a separate tweet.

In the early hours of Tuesday, July 14, Jaden concluded with one final message to fans.

“All I ask is you judge me by my character and actions NOW not from my words of the past. I only support just and rightful ideas and people, it makes me so sad [because] I genuinely love everyone and try to use my platform to promote and support groups/ideas of LOVE not hate. I love [you] guys,” he wrote.

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