Social media was shook on December 2 when Alissa Violet took to Twitter and called out her ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks for allegedly cheating throughout their entire two year relationship. Now, fellow YouTuber and another one of Alissa’s exes, Jake Paul, is spilling all the tea on her “messy” breakup with FaZe.

On Saturday, December 21, the 22-year-old influencer appeared on the No Jumper podcast and gave his honest opinion about his ex-girlfriend’s latest drama.

“It’s sad for Alissa,” he admitted. “There’s a lot of weird s**t to talk about there. But the sad part is, ‘Okay Alissa, didn’t you learn your lesson the first time? Like, not put your business, your relationships online?’ That’s where I think it’s messy.”

For those who missed it, on December 13, Jake released his new single, “These Days,” which is seemingly about his 2017 relationship with Alissa. Just ahead of the song’s release, the social media star released a tell-all video that broke down the lyrics to his new tune. In doing so he divulged a lot about their past relationship and admitted that they both made mistakes when it came to sharing their romance online.

Later on in the No Jumper interview, Jake called out FaZe for cheating on Alissa.

“Where it’s also messy is how Banks came at me so hard for cheating on Alissa,” he said. “And made me a villain to the internet because I cheated on Alissa. And then, he goes and does the same thing, apparently.”

Despite his the YouTube star’s comments, it seems that him and Alissa are on good terms. As fans know, she’s is often seen on social media hanging out with Jake’s wife Tana Mongeau. The two ladies had a rocky past, but in October 2019 put their differences aside and shocked the Internet with a video on Instagram Stories that showed Tana and Alissa looking super cozy while posing for the camera.

Neither FaZe or Alissa has responded to Jake’s comments.

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