Not cool! James Charles just slammed a news site for using an over-edited photo of him in a recent news story. LGBTQ+ media outlet PinkNews featured the YouTuber in a now-deleted Snapchat photo, which they captioned “What happened to James?” The picture, which was clearly altered, showed the beauty guru with a receding hairline, forehead wrinkles and overly-plump lips.

“I’m so sick of this. @PinkNews is a joke,” James fired back on Twitter once he caught wind of the photo. “They claim to be a LGBTQ+ news outlet yet choose to clickbait ugly edited photos and completely false titles about me literally EVERY OTHER DAY instead of reporting about actual things going on in our community.”

PinkNews later responded to James, writing, “We made an oversight on a recent Snapchat story about you. The story did not align with our core values and has been removed. PinkNews stands for the fundamental rights of the entire LGBT+ community and its allies. We exist to inform, inspire change and empower others to be themselves.”

“Our recent coverage of the UK general election, trans issues and rollback of LGBT+ people’s rights are just some of the stories which highlight the nature and diversity of our content,” the outlet continued. “Every part of our business, from our editorial content to our events, strives to elevate marginalized voices, propel change and showcase the diversity of the entire LGBT+ spectrum. This Snapchat story did not align with these values. Stay fierce, Sister.”

As fans know, the 20-year-old has come under fire in the past for over-editing his own photos. Back in December 2019, fans slammed him for changing his body in a makeup ad.

In March 2019, the makeup mogul admitted to editing all of his pictures when a Twitter user asked if he had retouched an image of his eye makeup.

I photoshop all of my photos,” he replied to the fan. “It didn’t photograph the way I wanted it to so I flipped one eye to the other still looked amazing in person.”

He also spoke out about it in 2017, writing, “I photoshop my pics just like literally every other social influencer, y’all are tired and can’t swallow your pride to admit I’m real.”

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