YouTuber Jeffree Star wants everyone to know that his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt definitely did not use him for fame or money! The internet personality just slammed “sick” fans who had accused Nathan of only dating him for attention, and he did not hold back with his response!

In a new video, the makeup mogul decided to watch “mean” TikToks about him and record his reaction to them. But when one TikTok video alleged that Nathan was straight and that he used Jeffree during their 5-year long relationship, the beauty guru was definitely unamused.

“I’m quitting today. Bye guys, you finish this!” he said, before walking off camera. “Y’all are really f**king sick. Sickening!”

Then, he discovered another video which showed pictures of Nathan and said, “When you pretend to be gay for the money, cars and gifts.”

“You guys are really, really sick!” Jeffree responded.

For those who missed it, the influencer announced that he and Nathan had split after five years together back in January 2020. At the time, Jeffree claimed that they had ended things on good terms.

“This isn’t an internet fight. This isn’t drama, this isn’t tea. This is my real life and me and my soulmate are really going through it,” he revealed in a video titled “We Broke Up.” “I will always have love for him, but are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other and he will always be in my life.”

Then, in March 1, 2020, rumors started to spread that the social media star was dating a new woman after he posted a super shady picture on Instagram. Nathan shared a snap of himself standing on a pier in Michigan, and some fans were quick to notice that one of his friends, Leah Nelson, posted a photo in the exact same spot on the exact same day.

It’s unclear whether or not Nathan and Leah are in a relationship or if they’re just friends, but there’s one thing we can say for sure — Jeffree is certainly over people speculating about his relationship.

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