What does Valentine’s Day look like when you’re a celeb? The stars of new movie The In Between are spilling all the tea — and revealing whether or not they’ve experienced any “disasters” on the day of love.

“Well, it wasn’t a disaster. I just had a relationship blossom on Valentine’s Day,” Joey King recalled to J-14 exclusively. “Then, one day this guy told me he loved me, and then, that evening he broke up with me. It was so cute. That was a good one.”

Unlike their costar, Kyle Allen and Celeste O’Connor don’t have past Valentine’s Days that are quite as memorable. Celeste recalled having some friends with “not romantic” Valentine’s experiences. They shared, “I don’t think I’ve had any disasters. Thank God.”

Kyle, for his part, joked that “all of my Valentine’s Days have been fantastic for my entire life.” Joey quipped, “You don’t have to brag.”

The West Side Story actor added, “It’s so weird that yours was awful and mine was great.”

Joey and Kyle play young couple Tessa and Skylar in The In Between — which is based on the novel of the same name by Marc Klein. Throughout the film, the teens fall madly in love with each other before Skylar is killed in a tragic accident. With him gone, Tessa finds a way to connect with her beloved in the afterlife.

“The thing that really makes this story different, which I love, is the supernatural fantasy sci-fi element to it,” Celeste — who plays Tessa’s best friend Shannon — told J-14 of the film. “That was really the part that interested me. This kind of idea of Tessa trying to get in contact with a person that she loves and the, kind of, various methods that she uses to do that. So, I thought that was really, really fun.”

Unlike her character, Joey said that when it comes to finding love in real life, she doesn’t fall hard and fast.

“I’m a slow burn. I like to take my time,” the actress explained. “I don’t like to rush into things. I wanna be sure as … sherbet.”

Celeste agreed with their costar, adding, “I think it takes me a little time, you know. I like to have, like, a friendship first and do it that way.”

Kyle was the outlier of the group, when Joey wondered, “What about you Kyle? Do you fall hard and fast?” He replied, “Yep. Yep.”

The In Between is now streaming via Paramount+.

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