Fans of the hit Netflix movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before have had one question on their minds the past few months, and one question only: Who is playing John Ambrose McClaren in the sequel? It’s been such a big topic that we here at J-14 even created a list of stars to possibly take on the role and let fans cast their votes! Well guys, it has finally been announced, and the swoon-worthy character is being played by none other than the iconic Jordan Fisher!

Since the 24-year-old actor is known for his roles in musicals like Hamilton, Rent: Live, Grease Live! and Teen Beach Movie — the actor totally slipped people’s minds as an option for the teen rom-com. But now that it has officially been announced, we seriously could not imagine a better pick for the swoon-worthy character. WE’RE SCREAMING.

The official Instagram accounts for Netflix and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before announced the news on Thursday with a cute behind-the-scenes video. In the clip, Lana Condor knocks on a trailer door, labeled “John Ambrose,” and the mystery actor is finally revealed!

“You’re here! This is going to be so amazing,” the 21-year-old actress gushed in the clip. “Come on, we have work to do!”

Jordan also shared the news on Instagram, writing, “P.S. I’m John Ambrose McClaren! Look out, LJ.”

We suppose Noah Centineo should watch out too! In case you missed it, the actor who originally appeared as John Ambrose in the first film is actor Jordan Burtchett. He was more of a newcomer – and only appeared in the movie for a few seconds at the very end – so it seems as though they wanted more of a big name to play the role this time around. Back when the sequel was announced, he took to Twitter to let fans know that he hadn’t heard anything about being recast for the second one.

We literally cannot wait to see what goes down with the Lara Jean, Peter Kavinsky and John Ambrose love triangle.

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