Get this, you guys, the CW announced on Thursday, May 14, that all their shows would be returning with brand new seasons staring January 2021, but fans were quick to notice that Katy Keene did not make the list. So what’s the deal? Will Lucy Hale‘s Riverdale spinoff show return next year?

Well, although the news has yet to be confirmed, Deadline reported that a second season of the fan-favorite series is “considered likely,” but according to the CW Chairman and CEO, Mark Pedowitz, a final decision will be made “in a few weeks.”

Sorry, fans, but while you wait patiently for the Season 2 renewal news, looks like you’ll have to binge-watch the entire first season once again and, just like the show’s star, come up with your own theories about what’s to come for Katy once the show returns. That’s right, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lucy herself dished on Katy Keene Season 2, and although the plotlines are pretty much under wraps, she’s come up with some of her own ideas.

For those who missed it, Season 1’s epic finale ended with Katy having her choice of men in Guy (played by Luke Cook), K.O. (played by Zane Holtz) or Prince Errol (played by Saamer Usmani). But who will she ultimately go for?

“I guess where we end off the season, anything goes. It could easily go in the direction of Guy, K.O. or Prince Errol,” the Pretty Little Liars alum dished. She then added, “We kinda leave it up to next season to see what happened. But it definitely — I’ve sort of come up with some narratives in my mind. It’ll just be interesting to see if I’m completely off or not.”

But that’s not all! The actress also teased some more crossovers with the Riverdale cast if Season 2 does get picked up.

“From what I hear, Riverdale is flash-forwarding so, if their… ’cause our show takes place five years in the future… So, if Riverdale and Katy Keene are in the same timeline, I feel like there could be really cool crossovers. I hope, you know, CW’s listening because I’ve got ideas,” Lucy added, before sharing which Riverdale resident she would love to see in NYC. “I feel like we need some spicy Cheryl in Katy Keene. I just love her. I love Madelaine [Petsch] and what she’s done with that character is so great. And she loves red. Cheryl and Katy both love red, and they can bond over red lipstick… We’ve got ideas.”

As for the pending news about Season 2, Lucy is hopeful that the show will return.

“I think the biggest thing with our show is that it films in New York and who knows when filming will resume there,“ she explained. “So it’s kind of — everything is uncertain, so it’s kind of a scary time for a lot of things, but like I said, I’m remaining optimistic. We leave off on a good spot for everyone in the show and I think Katy’s taking the next step at becoming a designer… What I love about the finale is that everyone chooses themselves. Like, I’m gonna fall in love with myself. I’m gonna fall in love with my dream. And I kinda think that that’s cool.”

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