When it comes to playing Katy Keene‘s title character, Katy Keene, Lucy Hale doesn’t always connect with the character. That’s right, during a recent interview with Elle, the Pretty Little Liars alum dished on the most challenging part about starring as the aspiring fashion designer, and what she said just might surprise you!

“She’s so optimistic and so happy and so glass half-full all the time. I guess, maybe, I’m a little more jaded at life so it’s sometimes tricky to remain that positive because I can be just a little more realistic, I guess,” she explained. “But I strive to be more Katy Keene-like, for sure, in my life.”

Although the 30-year-old didn’t tease anything about the show’s upcoming episode, she did reveal what she thinks Katy Keene’s life anthem would be. Get this, you guys, the actress said it was a classic Taylor Swift song!

“Well, I became a complete musical theater nerd moving to New York and filming the season because there’s so many Broadway musical elements to the show, so anything in that world,” Lucy dished. “But also, one of the songs in the pilot, and the first time you actually get to see Katy walking down the street, it’s ‘Welcome To New York’ By Taylor Swift, so naturally, that’s kind of my anthem.”

As fans know, the CW star’s epic admission came just a few weeks after Katy Keene had a major crossover with another seriesRiverdale. Yep, for those who missed it, during April 24’s episode, titled “Gloria,” Kevin Keller — played by Casey Cott — left his hometown for a trip to the big city and met up with former Riverdale resident Josie McCoy along the way.

Not only did the Kevin support his stepsister during her performance with the new Pussycats, but he also debuted a brand new play based off Riverdale, the murder capital of the world, as it’s known to be called. The musical-loving, BFF of Betty Cooper also recruited Katy and her friends to portray iconic characters like Veronica and Cheryl. Yep, that’s right, Jorge’s drag persona, Ginger Lopez — portrayed by Jonny Beauchamp— dressed up as the Raven-haired princess and, as expected, it was everything.

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