OK, before you freak out, this is not what it sounds like! KJ Apa didn’t actually lick Cole Sprouse‘s face. Instead, he licked a photo of Cole’s face, which isn’t any less weird now that we think about it.

ICYMI, the Australian actor just played a super fun game with Maia Mitchell, which was to help promote their upcoming Netflix movie, The Last Summer. So what was the game, you ask? Well, simply put, they each had to guess different objects while they were blindfolded, and yeah, things got weird.

“You’re going to have to feel this one,” the Good Trouble actress said before presenting a blindfolded KJ with a framed pic of his Riverdale costar. “Give it a little smooch.”

The 25-year-old then directed the actor right to the former Disney Channel star‘s lips, and NGL, it was pretty funny to watch — especially because he began licking the photo out of nowhere.

“What is this?” KJ asked. “It’s like a frame? A picture frame.”

Then, Maia confirmed he totally guessed correctly, but what he wasn’t prepared for was the fact that a picture of Cole’s face was sitting inside of it.

“Good job, Cole. I just licked your face,” KJ said into the camera. “Wouldn’t be the first time, my friend.” LOL.

Even though we absolutely loved that part of the video, the rest was overflowing with cute moments. For example, the 21-year-old fed Maia a popsicle, and in return, she fed him barbecue ribs. But their adventures with food didn’t end there. The two then shared a slice of pepperoni pizza as the photo of Cole sat there on the table, and guys, we’re still laughing about it.

While this short vid only clocks in at just over three minutes, we can already tell that Maia and KJ have amazing chemistry. Fortunately, The Last Summer hits the streaming platform on May 3, so we won’t have to wait long to see more of this adorable on-screen pair. Yay!

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