Prepare yourselves, fam! Just because Riverdale‘s latest musical episode is over and done with, that doesn’t mean the cast is leaving music behind for good. In fact, KJ Apa just teased that new music is “coming soon” on his Instagram account, and obviously, fans are stoked.

In case you missed it, the actor hit up the photo app on March 25 to share a pic from the recording studio, which is a tell-tale sign that original music is coming our way. In the photo, he’s seen jamming out on the guitar while a music producer listens to whatever he’s playing, and TBH, we really wish we were in the room to hear it.

If you needed any other evidence that the 21-year-old is working on new tunes, he captioned the pic, “Coming soon,” so we think that pretty much says it all.

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Coming soon

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Of course, when diehard fans saw the picture, they instantly freaked out and began speculating about what’s coming.

One fan commented on the post saying, “Youre gonna record an ep??!?!?!?!” with another person adding, “If you make an album or song I’ll scream Bc I love listening to you play guitar.” TBH, same. However, we’re not fully convinced that it’s solo music he’s working on. Wait, what?

That’s right, you guys! Although the image makes it look like he was in the studio all by his lonesome, his Instagram Stories reveal that he was actually recording with his band, The Good Time Boys. This means it’s more than likely the music he’s working on is a group effort, which is still just as exciting.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Good Time Boys consists of KJ, Rob Raco (Joaquin in Riverdale), Josh Wyper, Alex Carruthers and Bradley Merryfield — though we should note that the band seems to play with different variations of its members from time to time. They first made their debut at a secret show in Vancouver in January 2019, and ever since we’ve been yearning to hear more. Well, folks, it sounds to us like it’s about to happen. Get ready!

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