YouTuber Jeffree Star has received major backlash from fans for a video he posted following the devastating news that basketball star Kobe Bryant had passed away.

On Sunday, January 26, the 41-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant were traveling in his private helicopter in Calabasas, CA when the aircraft allegedly went down and a fire broke out, reports have said. Emergency personnel responded, however, none of the nine passengers on board survived.

After the heartbreaking report broke online, Jeffree posted a video to his social media and reacted to the tragedy.

“Oh my god, there goes another helicopter. I can’t f**king believe this, you guys, like, Kobe Bryant passed away two miles from my house,” he YouTuber said while crying. “Like there’s been helicopters flying by all morning, this is — I feel sick.”

He continued, “His poor f**king family, his wife. My god there’s so much f**ked up s**t happening in the world. I’m in a state of shock, rest in peace to a f**king legend. Kobe, we love you.”

Fans screen recorded the since-deleted Snapchat videos and posted them to Twitter. Some people slammed Jeffree for posting the “disrespectful” video.

“This is so disrespectful on so many different levels…Like I’m actually so angry what the h**l is wrong with this man,” one fan posted on Twitter alongside Jeffree’s video. Another person added, “F**k Jeffree Star for this. Honestly. I swear social media is a disease. How do you one, turn the camera on right now and two make it about you?”

Others accused him of making the tragic crash “about himself.”

“Jeffree Star makes Kobe’s death about him I don’t know a worse person,” a Twitter user wrote. One other said, “Jeffree Star always finds every way to make things about him KOBE BRYANT DIED and he made it about himself. OMG I can’t stand this man.”

A third person added, “Jeffree Star making Kobe Bryant and his daughter’s death about himself and his multimillion dollar mansion.”

Jeffree did not respond to the backlash, but on Monday, January 27, he tweeted, “Good morning everyone… Monday feels so empty.”

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