Get your headphones and get ready to get up and dance, you guys, because some of Disney Channel’s biggest stars just put together a playlist of their favorite Disney songs, and we cannot stop listening to it! Check out the epic playlist here!

Bunk’d stars Mallory James Mahoney and Israel Johnson even opened up about why they chose the songs for the playlist exclusively to J-14!

“I chose these songs because I grew up listening to them. They always make me happy and brighten up my day,” Israel shared, with Mallory adding, “I chose to pick a lot of my favorites through the years because every single song on here has been in my top five favorite songs list at some point in my life. It is really cool because this gives my playlist a variety and shows how the styles of music has changed over time too.”

As for what they want fans to take away from listening to the playlist, Israel explained, “I want them and just have fun and enjoy life. Live life to the fullest.”

“I hope that everyone enjoys the mix of old and new songs with some from DCOMs and others from classic Disney movies as well as a few fun eclectic songs thrown in as well,” Mallory also said. “I really just want everyone to be able to hear some of their faves and maybe find a new favorite too!”

But what is their all-time favorite Disney song, you ask?

“It is really difficult to pick just one song from this list as my favorite but if I had too I would probably say ‘Lunch Money,'” Mallory dished. “I had so much fun recording it as well as making the music video, plus it is so ridiculous I just love to sing along.”

“‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ is definitely one of my favorite songs,” Israel told us. “It’s so heartfelt and I love the message it gives to listeners.”

That’s not all! Disney fans might want to get excited because Bunk’d and Raven’s Home are gearing up for a major crossover special, called “Raven About BUNK’D.” It premieres tonight at 8:00 P.M. EST/PST on Disney Channel, and we can’t wait!

BRB, going to listen to the playlist until the crossover comes out, TTYL!

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