Prepare yourselves, OG Hannah Montana fans, because it appears Miley Cyrus recently followed, and subsequently unfollowed, an HM Instagram account. Wait, what?

OK, so we know you’re probably confused AF — especially since there’s a ton of fan accounts on the photo app. But this time, diehard fans of the Disney Channel series are utterly convinced this account is legit because its handle is simply @hannahmontana. We mean, that had to be hard to get, right?

But wait, there’s more. MiCy herself actually followed the account, which currently doesn’t have any photos posted to it, further driving speculation that Disney Channel is somehow behind it. However, she’s since unfollowed, which leads us to believe that it either wasn’t real from the get-go, or that it’s totally real and there’s something she doesn’t want fans to know quite yet. Hmm…

Still, loyal viewers of Hannah Montana already whipped up some theories about this Instagram account, and TBH, we’d be lying if we said they weren’t intriguing. For the most part, people think this could mean that the series is getting a reboot. Others, however, think the “Malibu” singer might be releasing new music under Hannah Montana’s name. How… interesting.

Whatever the case may be, HM fans around the world are absolutely freaking out, and honestly, we don’t blame them!

One person tweeted, “The queen of pop might be making a comeback,” with a bunch of eye emojis. Too real.

Another fan also brought up a very ~interesting~ point, saying, “She’s coming to end the Jonas Brothers.”

While we highly doubt that she’s plotting to destroy the Jonas Brothers’ comeback, we do think it’s possible that, after seeing the success of their reunion announcement, she might be interested in bringing her iconic pop star character back into our lives. We don’t know about you, but we’d absolutely love a Hannah Montana reboot, and considering the throwback pics she’s been sharing on her Instagram Stories lately, maybe it’s actually happening!

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