A new year is (almost) here, which means Netflix has tons of new releases on the site!

Get ready to see more of Laura Marano because the former Disney Channel actress is starring in a new movie on the streaming service called The Royal Treatment. The Austin & Ally alum plays a hairstyles named Isabella who owns her own salon. Her entire world gets transformed when she gets asked to be the hairstylist for a royal wedding. Upon seeing Prince Thomas, who is in an arranged marriage, the New York native learns to follow her heart. Laura shared the movie’s trailer via Instagram alongside a reminder for fans to watch on Thursday, January 20.

After fans can also breathe a sigh of relief because After We Fell is officially hitting the streaming service in January as well.

“I think that with the third and the fourth films, we got a really close adaptation to the books,” After star Josephine Langford told Teen Vogue in October 2021. “Which is nice, because it’s very difficult adapting these enormous books into films. I think there’s this sensitivity and sincerity and authenticity, this feeling to the third and the fourth which are really nice. I would agree with that. We get to, like in the first film, we get to really see what she’s thinking and how she’s feeling in certain moments.”

As fans know, the After series is based on a book series by Anna Todd and follows the love story of the fictional Hardin Scott and Tessa Young. When it came to the final two movies, actress Josephine and her costar Hero Fiennes Tiffen filmed them one after another.

“I feel like shooting a movie is tough enough, so to do two movies back to back, in the middle of a pandemic, definitely comes with its challenges,” Hero also told Teen Vogue. “But big well done to the crew for sticking it out that long. There was a lot of COVID popping up here and there, people having to go away for a little bit and jumping back in, all in the name of safety. We got there in the end, and I’m super proud of everything we’ve done. It came with its challenges, but I’m proud of us.”

Of course, these aren’t the only two things coming to Netflix in January 2022! Scroll through our gallery for a full list of TV shows and movies being added and removed from the streaming service. 

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