Woogity, woogity! The Pogues are back and better than ever, but will they make it back to the Outer Banks for season 3?

Netflix confirmed in December 2021 that the fan-favorite series Outer Banks would officially return for another season. But what’s next for the adventurous Pogues?

Season 2 of Outer Banks — which premiered in July 2021 — ended with two major cliffhangers. John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss) and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) have washed ashore and are potentially stranded on a deserted island, which they’ve dubbed Poguelandia. On the other hand, John B’s dad is alive. Up until the second season’s final moments, fans were convinced that Big John (Charles Halford) was dead. But he and Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who was introduced as the season 2 villain, have appeared to team up in order to help John B.

Outer Banks co-creator Josh Pate spoke to Entertainment Weekly in July 2021 about the “thematic father-son stuff” that will come from Big John’s return.

“John B’s relationship with his dad is a huge theme and having his dad back around and eventually they’re going to meet back up and John B has to reconcile his idealized version of his dead dad with the reality of his alive dad,” he explained.

Chase, for his part, reacted to the final scene and brought up some unanswered questions during an interview with Entertainment Tonight following the season 2 premiere.

“This changes everything,” the Netflix star said. “I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m excited to see how that impacts everything. How does that change John B’s dynamic? Is he going to accept it? Is he not? … I just think it opens so many doors.”

For a few months, fans didn’t know whether or not they would ever get those answers. But Netflix — and the Outer Banks cast — came through with an epic season 3 announcement video.


“All the way from Poguelandia, I’ve got incoming news,” Chase told fans in the clip, which also included his costars. “Season 3 baby! We’re coming back, season 3.”

Hours later, the stars made an appearance at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards where Chase won the award for TV Drama Star of 2021.

“Thank you to everybody who voted for us, thank you to @peopleschoice for showing me love. To the fans, thank you. This is crazy. The past two years [have] been the wildest s–t of my life,” the actor shared via Instagram Stories following the December 2021 awards show. “Just know we’re about to give you the best season 3 of television you’ve ever seen. Believe that. We appreciate you, we see you and we f–king love the life out of you. OBX 3 coming soon.”

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