Get ready, you guys, because Hailee Steinfeld is ready for a Pitch Perfect 4! That’s right, the actress was just asked if she would ever reprise her role as Emily Junk for another movie, and she revealed that she’s totally down.

“Yeah. I mean, yeah!” the 23-year-old told Entertainment Tonight, when asked if she’d be here for a reboot.

“I remember distinctly watching that first movie in the theater and talking to my mom afterwards. I was like, ‘That’s the kind of movie I want to make.’ Everyone always asks me, ‘What’s the kind of movie you like to make?’ That one! That’s the one,” she gushed. “And then when I heard there was a sequel I was like, ‘What can I do [to get in it].’ To be part of that, as a fan of the franchise was just so… I still can’t believe it.”

hailee steinfeld talks pitch perfect 4
Pitch Perfect

As fans know, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Adam DevineRebel WilsonBen PlattAnna CampAlexis Knapp, Skylar AstinChrissie Fit and more starred in the first three movies, which hit theaters in 2012, 2015 and 2017.

Back in June 2019, rumors started to spread that a fourth flick was in the works when an IMDB page for it popped up online. Alongside most of the OG stars, it also listed Laura Marano, Sarah HylandDebby Ryan and Luke Benward as part of the cast, and naturally, the internet quickly went wild. But the former Austin & Ally star quickly shut the speculation down.

“I have no idea,” Laura told when asked about the possibility of starring in the wildly popular movie franchise“I’m not connected to — if there is a Pitch Perfect 4 right now.”

OK, so the IMDB page may not have been real, but on the bright side, the brunette beauty did say that she’d definitely love to be a part of it if it were to happen!

“I would love to be,” she added. “I’m so down to have a Pitch Perfect 4 and to be in a Pitch Perfect 4! Right now, I’m not connected, it just made me laugh because I’ve had a bunch of fans ask.”

Ugh, this needs to happen, like, now!

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