On Tuesday, June 30, Rebecca Black took to Twitter and apologized for taking part in an “offensive” joke with Shane Dawson back in 2014.

“I am deeply ashamed to have taken part in such an offensive bit. Yes I was 16, uncomfortable, and didn’t know this was coming. Shane, I know that deep down you are trying to learn and grow. But we must do better [and] take complete responsibility for how harmful this is,” the “Friday” singer wrote

For those who missed it, in a clip that has now resurfaced and gone viral, Rebecca and Shane were called out by fans for seemingly “mocking the holocaust.”

“How disgusting of both of you,” one Twitter user wrote alongside the video.

In a second tweet, Rebecca added, “I am so sorry to those I have hurt. I wish what I would have done was shut such an offensive joke down, rather than uncomfortably play into something I deep down knew was wrong.”

As fans know, the singer’s apology came just after Tati Westbrook posted a tell-all video claiming that Shane and Jeffree Star “coerced and manipulated” her into turning on fellow beauty vlogger James Charles. For those who missed it, back in May 2019, Tati shook the entire web when she posted a video called “Bye Sisters” where she accused James of lying, manipulating and being a disrespectful person, after he supported one of her rival vitamin companies.

Rebecca’s Twitter thread was published a few days after Shane also came under fire from Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith for “sexualizing” Willow Smith when she was 11 years old, and “doing blackface on the regular” in resurfaced old clips.

He has since apologized for his past actions and responded to Tati’s video, claiming that all her statements were “lies.” YouTube has confirmed that they have demonetized his account for an indefinite amount of time following the scandals.

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