Disney Channel stars Ruby Rose Turner and Ramon Reed are putting a modern spin on the holiday classic, A Christmas Story, and J-14 has an exclusive first look!

The Coop and Cami Ask the World actress and Just Roll With It star are set to appear in the upcoming Christmas special, Disney Channel Holiday House Party, which premieres on Friday, December 11. The sure-to-be hilarious sketch comedy show was filmed remotely and features all the biggest Disney Channel stars as they dress up as different characters to show off their holiday spirit! In our exclusive clip, Ruby stars as a self-absorbed influencer who is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. You’ll have to tune into the show to see what happens when she meets the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future, too!

Along with Ramon and Ruby, the special is hosted by BUNK’D star Miranda May. But that’s not all! Raphael Alejandro, Suzi Barrett, Kylie CantrallIssac Ryan Brown,  Scarlett Estevez, Kaylin Hayman, Trevor Tordjman and Tobie Windham are also set to make appearances. Make sure to watch the video above, and scroll to check out our holiday-themed interview with Ruby and Ramon.

Watch the Disney Channel Holiday House Party on Friday, December 11, at 8 p.m. ET.

J-14: If you could be Secret Santa with any of your fellow Disney Channel stars, who would you pick and what would you get them?

Ramon: I would pick Christian J. Simon and I would get him his personalized chef coat and hat because he is a true foodie and loves to cook.

Ruby: I would gift Christian the softest baby blanket for his new baby brother, Chance! I recently saw his pic on Instagram and he’s absolutely adorable.

J-14: What’s the worst holiday gift you’ve ever given or received? 

Ramon: The worst gift I ever received was a pair of regular athletic socks that were too small for my feet.

Ruby: The worst gift I ever gave was probably when I was younger. I would go around my house, find little things and wrap them up for my family … My mom would notice things missing and discovered all of my wrapped gifts piled up in a corner of my room. I remember my sister’s reaction on Christmas morning when she opened one of her gifts from me and it was a pair of socks (with a hole in them of course). She wasn’t at all impressed with my gift! It’s the thought that counts right? My heart was in the right place.

J-14: What are your plans for the holiday season?

Ramon: I am flying back to the east coast to spend the holidays with a very small portion of my family after we have all quarantined for 10 days. Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance everyone.

Ruby: My plans for this holiday season are simple. I’m going to relax, chill, be with my family and watch movies and eat lots of amazing food.

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