Even more questions! Only Murders in the Building’s original storytelling and electric cast, including Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, quickly made the Hulu series a topic of discussion.

The mystery series focuses on three neighbors who end up connecting over their love of true crime and investigate a murder from their building. As the episodes unfold, OMITB makes it clear that nothing is what it seems.

Before all the season 1 episodes were even released, Hulu confirmed that they picked the show up for another season. Luckily, executive producer John Hoffman teased that fans already saw clues about season 2.

“Within our gorgeous open opening credits, which we worked very hard on,” John shared with E! News in September 2021. “There is a slight difference. An Easter egg is dropped, basically. A slight thing to pick up and find in each episode’s opening credits that points to a little mystery within that episode, or within the mystery at large.”

Show writer Kirker Butler also confirmed that the writer’s room was already working on the next season, which will include a new crime.

“What we’re doing right now is we’re working on season 2. So it’s all about breaking the overall arc of the season; what our mystery’s going to be, who our suspect’s going to be,” Kirker said during an episode of Hulu’s “Only Murders In The Pod” podcast in September 2021.

Although season 2 of OMITB is still very much its own mystery, the main trio of the show will be coming back to continue to bring the humor and the heart. Selena previously opened up about the lessons she learned while working alongside comedy legends Steve and Martin.

“Well, keeping up with Steve and Marty is … a lot. It’s great, but you want to make sure that you are living up to the expectation,” she told Glamour in September 2021. “I was surprised at the moments where I would improv and people would laugh because I’m not as good in that department as they are. So when I would do it, I was very timid. But when I would make Steve and Marty laugh, it was gold. I was like, ‘Yes! I did it right.'”

The comedians, for their part, also gushed about the way that their friendship with Selena popped on screen. Steve recently described knowing that the Disney alum would be “completing the triangle” as soon as they met her during a script read for OMITB.

“After we hung up, Marty and I called each other and said, ‘She’s fantastic!'” Steve told USA Today in September 2021. “That’s literally what we said. She is perfect because it’s so unlike us.”

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