This may come as a shock, but a bunch of your favorite celebrities’ natural hair looks shockingly different than what you’re used to! Yep, with the use of products, extensions, blow dryers, curling irons, hair dye and straighteners, the stars can make their hair look pretty much any way they want it to. But every so often they show off their real locks, and it always takes fans by surprise because of how different it looks.

Just take Lili Reinhart, for example. The Riverdale star almost always has straight hair in the show or on the red carpet, but her tresses are actually super curly! What about Ariana Grande? She’s become pretty known for her signature long, straight hair, but in reality, she’s got super short curly locks underneath all those extension!

They’re not the only ones. Scroll through our gallery to see what your favorite stars’ real hair looks like, and prepare to be shook over how different it looks!

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