Three members of Stray Kids were involved in a car accident on Wednesday, September 20, sustaining minor injuries. Bandmates Lee Know, Hyunjin and Seungmin, have been advised to postpone any upcoming work for the time being, according to a statement posted by the group’s agency.

According to JYP Entertainment, Lee Know, Hyunjin and Seungmin were rushed to the hospital following a “minor collision” on Wednesday. “While none of the members and accompanying staff in the vehicle were seriously injured, but as they have sustained mild muscle pain and bruises, medical professionals have advice that they receive conservative treatment for the time being,” the statement read.

That being said, members have canceled three upcoming events scheduled for the three members — including Lee Know and Hyunjin’s appearance at Milan’s Fashion Week, and Seungmin’s YouTube live show for his birthday.

Instead of Stray Kids’ full lineup, 3RACHA will perform at the Global Citizen’ Festival in New York City on Saturday, September 23.

3RACHA is a subunit within Stray Kids and includes members Bang Chan, Changbin and HAN, in which they perform under the names CB97, SpearB and J.One, respectively. The group was formed when members were trainees under their music company, before they debuted as members of Stray Kids in 2018.

The trio write and produce nearly all of Stray Kids’ discography, while also releasing their own music as a hiphop group. The trio released their first mixtape in 2017.

3RACHA explained their musical production process to Paper Magazine, revealing that often it’s Bang Chan that works on the track’s arrangement, while Changbin and Han work on lyrics and melodies. Changbin “constructs the lyrical framework,” while Han participates in the “overall organization of the piece” and is known for his lyrical prowess and is known to pen entire verses in under 30 minutes.

“When I start working on a track, I need to be confident, and it’s important for me that the process of working on a project or song is fun and enjoyable,” Han told Paper. “When I first started writing music in the past, I had lots of concerns, and I couldn’t organize the thoughts in my mind. It was difficult to collect and organize my ideas. But I must have grown a bit since then, and now I’m able to collaborate with the members quite well. Writing the lyrics is a lot smoother and faster. I also love to share fun ideas together.”

Along with 3RACHA, other musical acts to perform at the Global Citizens Festival include Jung Kook of BTS, Sofia Carson, Anitta, Conan Grey, Lauryn Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.

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