Stray Kids wouldn’t be complete without Seungmin! The K-pop idol is known for his introverted yet hilarious personality — oh, and also his stellar vocals! Keep reading to learn more about Seungmin.

Who Is Seungmin?

Born in Seoul, South Korea on September 22, 2000, Seungmin is a Virgo! He joined JYP Entertainment in 2017 after winning second place in the company’s 13th Open Audition. There, obviously, is where he would debut with Stray Kids in 2018! Fun fact: when he was in elementary school, he spent a few months in L.A. which is where he learned English.

In 2021, he sang the OST for the K-drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, titled “Here Always.”

Who Are Stray Kids?

ICYMI, Stray Kids is an 8-member K-pop group that was formed through a TV survival program of the same name. There, the boys worked to solidify there spots in JYP’s next boy group, where viewers got an inside look on the members training. Originally, a nine-member group, Stray Kids includes member Seungmin, leader Bang ChanLee KnowChangbinHyunjinHan JisungFelixI.N, and former member Woojin.

One of the reasons why fans love Stray Kids so much is their involvement in their own music — a rarity in a genre where music companies often have full control over every single detail. Three members of Stray Kids even have their own musical production group titled 3RACHA, where they have been writing music even before the K-pop band’s debut. The members include Bang Chan, Changbin and Han.

stray kids
Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

“We connect through our lyrics,” Han told Teen Vogue in September 2022, on why Stray Kids is able to easily connect with their fans. “It’s a personal connection that allows me to mature and also be comforted. Music is the only way I can show myself.”

It’s similar for Changbin, who referred to his lyrics as a diary. “I’m not a very expressive person,” the rapper told the outlet. “I don’t share a lot about myself, but music is like a channel that unravels these stories within me.” He thinks of these stories “as intangible threads” that tie his inner thoughts to whomever is listening. “On stage, that feeling is magnified,” he added.

“This is the reason why Stay [their fans] like us,” Han explained, “and the reason why Stray Kids and Stay [Stray Kids fandom name] can become closer.”

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