Ever since Taylor Swift dropped her new album, Folklore, fans have been scouring the lyrics for any hidden messages and clues about who or what inspired the songs! And when they noticed a few names popping up in her track “Betty,” they quickly tried to figure out who she was singing about.

In the song, Taylor mentions people named James, Inez and Betty, and some fans started to speculate that she actually named the characters after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s kids. As fans know, they have three daughters — named James, Inez and the third little girl’s name has not been announced yet.

Now, the singer has finally opened up the mysterious meaning behind the song! While chatting with a country radio station, the 30-year-old explained that she wrote the track from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy who just lost the love of his life.

“I’ve always loved that in music you can kind of slip into different identities, and you can sing from other people’s perspectives. So that’s what I did on this one,” the “Lover” songstress added.

As to the names of the people in the tune, she revealed, “I named all the characters in this story after my friends’ kids.”

So there ya have it folks! As fans know, this isn’t the only song that fans have been talking about. A lot of people are convinced that her tune “Cardigan” is about her relationship with Harry Styles, after they noticed a lot of similarities between the music video for it and one of the One Direction singer’s videos.

In the visual for “Cardigan,” the blonde beauty could be seen floating with her piano in an ocean. Now, fans of the “Sign of the Times” crooner know that the music video for his latest single, “Falling,” shows him under water also playing the piano.

Some people also pointed out that if you look carefully, at one point in the video, the smoke beneath the blonde beauty takes the shape of a paper airplane. And back when the two stars dated in 2012, they wore matching paper airplane necklaces!

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