The pack is back — and another chance for Scott and Allison is on the horizon. While Teen Wolf fans can’t wait to see what’s next for the onscreen couple, Teen Wolf: The Movie star Tyler Posey tells J-14 exclusively that he’s “excited” for the couple’s next chapter.

“I’m excited to see them sort of — if we do have more [movies] — go through some really adult things. They’re in their mid-30s now, and we only got to see them in their mid-30s for like five minutes before everything went to s—t again. Then, they got distracted trying to save lives and deal with the new bads of this movie — all the villains,” the actor, who plays Scott, explains. “I’m excited to see them, sort of, handle life as adults. If we do more from here on out, that would be really interesting to see them do mundane things.”

While Allison’s return from the dead (Crystal Reed‘s character was killed off at the end of the MTV show’s third season) was a shock to some fans, most embraced her coming back to life. At the end of Teen Wolf: The Movie, which premiered via Paramount+ on Thursday, January 26, Scott declared his love for Allison and they get back together. According to Tyler, seeing the couple delve into adulthood together would also be a love letter to the fans who’ve been with them since the show’s premiere in 2011.

“All of our fans have grown up with the show and they’re all adults now,” the former MTV star shares. “So, I think it would be nice to, kind of, have them be a dichotomy of who they are. It’d be really interesting.”

As for where Scott and Allison are going to continue their relationship? “Beacon Hills is home,” the Truth or Dare actor says.

Tyler Posey Is 'Excited' to Watch Scott and Allison's Romance Progress After 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'
Curtis Bonds Baker/MTV Entertainment

“It seems to be that Beacon Hills has a calling for us,” he adds. “I think Scott didn’t feel complete being away from Beacon Hills, even though it is an insane ride and, kind of, a lot of torment.” 

Aside from bringing back Scott and Allison’s love story, Tyler tells J-14 about the “intense” feelings of nostalgia he felt on the film’s set.

“The fact that we could bring this back … the show means so much to me and it changed my whole life in so many different ways. The fact that we could be there with everybody that was on the show before, all the people that I loved and just creating art again with each other,” he gushes. “It really is something that’s unique that I don’t think a lot of people get to experience. I never thought I was gonna experience it, but having dedicated so much of my life to a certain show, leaving for five-plus years and then coming back to do it again is really touching and heart-wrenching and beautiful at the same time.”

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