What can fans expect to see when The Mysterious Benedict Society premieres on Disney+? One of the show’s stars, Seth Carr (who plays Sticky), chatted with J-14 exclusively, and teased the “different” characters fans can expect to see!

The series, based on the book series of the same name by Trenton Lee Stewart, tells the story of four orphans who are recruited by a man named Mr. Benedict after winning a scholarship competition. While working together, the teens — Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance — attempt to save the world from The Emergency, a global crisis started at the hands of the L.I.V.E. Institute.

Disney+ Star Seth Carr Teases 'The Mysterious Benedict Society' Characters: 'Everybody's Different'
Disney/Diyah Pera

Prior to nabbing his role as Sticky, Seth, 13, told J-14 that he had already ready the first Mysterious Benedict Society book. The actor explained that it was “pretty cool” and “helped” him step into his character’s shoes after “seeing his emotions” through the novel. As for what drew the young star to the story? Seth said he loved how all the characters came together.

“Everybody is kind of connected to each other,” he explained. “They all, kind of. do have a connection about not really having someone, which I found pretty cool because in the show they’re all these really different characters. Everybody’s different, but they have this one thing that connects them all.”

When the cameras stopped rolling, Seth was able to bond with his costars Mystic Inscho (who plays Reynie), Emmy DeOliveira (who plays Kate) and Marta Kessler (who plays Constance).

“It was definitely cool to work with a bunch of kids my age, because usually, sometimes you don’t really get to work with some kids that are your age, or you’re working with adults,” he shared. “Sometimes it can be hard cause you’re trying to like fit in while you’re working, and stuff like that. But definitely, it was really fun to get to hang out with kids my age, because I could joke around in between takes. It made the entire experience [more fun].”

In fact, Mystic, Emma and Marta also gushed told J-14 exclusively about working together, and shared some funny stories from set. The general consensus between all four stars was that their most LOL-worthy moment on set was when they were forced to crawl out of a sewer grate!

Be sure to watch our videos with Seth, Mystic, Emmy and Marta above, and tune into The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+ on Friday, June 25. 

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