YouTuber Jake Paul‘s famous squad, Team 10, is coming under fire after two transgender women posted a video claiming that they were kicked out of the Team 10 house because they were not “real girls.” Hold up, this is so not OK.

You heard that right. YouTubers Lilah Gibney and Kendall Raindrop posted a video, exposing a Team 10 editor for kicking them out of the house because he was expecting “real girls” to show up. Wait, what?!

Lilah set the scene by saying, “We were at a party, and we were both just doing our thing, feeling cute. We were literally being sober legends tonight because we have such a big night tomorrow full of drinking, and so we were just like, ‘Let’s go socialize, have a cute little fun night.’ And so we get in our Uber to this afterparty, and then Kendall is like, ‘OK, let’s go to the Team 10 house.’”

Kendall chimed in, explaining, “We were like on the way to this party, and I literally changed my Uber location ’cause they told us to come.”

Lilah went on to explain that one of the Team 10 editors named Blaine allegedly approached their group, which consisted of Lilah, Kendall and their cisgender female friend, whose name they do not mention.

The women claim that Blaine told them that they should leave — and when they asked him why, he allegedly made some seriously intolerant remarks about their sexual identities. The YouTube video then cut to footage of the confrontation the women had with the Team 10 member. In the video, you can hear Blaine deny that he is transphobic and say, “I was told that girls were coming.”

Despite their extremely negative encounter at the Team 10 house, the women want to make it clear that they are not pointing fingers at the Team 10 founder in any way.

“Jake Paul himself, love him. We’ve had great conversations, such a good guy,” Lilah said in the video.

Team 10 has not yet responded to these claims.



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