Finding true love! Sarah Hyland had some high-profile romances before her long-term relationship with Wells Adams.

The Modern Family alum was linked to a few costars and other actors before she started dating the Bachelorette star. And then, their love story began as most do — down in the Instagram DMs.

“Have you seen those memes of ‘Slide Into the DMs’? That. He slid into my DMs. … I thought he was funny, and he was a fan of [my] show,” Sarah said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January 2018. “I was single, obviously, and was like, ‘This is really awesome. You’re being very forward.”

As their relationship progressed, both Wells and Sarah gave fans an inside look into their love life. Sarah told Cosmopolitan in April 2020 that their love story is “the most millennial thing in the entire world.” Then added, “I kind of want to gag at it.”

The pair announced their engagement in July 2019, but in her Cosmo cover story, Sarah recalled talking about weddings “four days after we made things official.” The Vampire Academy star also told the magazine: “I hate that typical cliché of ‘when you know, you know,’ but it’s so f–king true. At least it was for me.”

Three days before Sarah’s kidney transplant in September 2017, she and Wells met for the first time, following their DM conversation.

“He was texting me in the morning before I went into surgery, and we were FaceTiming the entire time I was in the hospital,” she told Self in December 2018. “He’s seen me at my worst. He was there through all of that. I think that’s why I feel the most beautiful in his eyes, because he still finds me beautiful after seeing all that.”

During the same magazine interview, Sarah described how her relationship with Wells is different than those in the past. Previously, she’s been romantically linked to Max Ehrich, Matt Prokop and Dominic Sherwood.

“It’s funny because I’ve always been the one that communicates the most in a relationship. And now he is. I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m so confused. What is happening?'” Sarah told Self. “If we get in a fight, I’m like, ‘How am I acting like the child?’”

As for the moment she knew Wells was The One? “We were dancing, and I had water in one hand,” she recalled, explaining that he asked to hold her purse, which was in the other hand. “I was just shocked that someone asked to hold my purse for the first time.”

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