Tanner Buchanan turned heads after starring alongside Addison Rae in 2021’s He’s All That, but that’s not the actor’s only role on the streaming service!

Following a few guest-starring roles, Tanner was cast in the show Designated Survivor before nabbing a role as Robby Keene in Cobra Kai, which is now streaming on Netflix. He’s also set to star in upcoming Prime Video rom-com, How to Date Billy Walsh, starring alongside Bridgerton‘s Charithra Chandran and Heartstopper’s Sebastian Croft.

“I do notice that Robby gets to interact with almost every single character within the series. That’s what’s the most exciting, because I don’t think a lot of the other characters get that opportunity,” Tanner told Interview in September 2020 of the role. Before finding its home on the streaming service, Cobra Kai aired via YouTube.

“With the Netflix release, it’s just much bigger than what I thought it was going to be,” the actor also told Interview. “Ever since we shot the first season, we knew we had something really good on our hands. We had a lot of fun doing it, we knew it was good writing, we had great action. The story was there. I didn’t expect the reaction we got for the first two seasons. Now, to see it jump to Netflix and have an even bigger response beyond what I ever expected has been really incredible. It’s been really cool to see so many more people getting into it and loving the show. It’s been a humbling experience.”

Thanks to his Cobra Kai role, Tanner was able to be cast alongside Addison Rae for the movie He’s All That, which premiered via Netflix in August 2021. Tanner and Addison starred as Cameron and Padgett, respectively, in the gender-swapped remake of the 1990s movie She’s All That.

“She put in the work. She did audition for this,” the Ohio native told Variety in August 2021 of his costar. “She had to send them her self-tapes and everything. Everybody had to be OK with her, and she did an amazing job.”

The experienced star even praised Addison for always knowing her lines, even when he forgot his!

“I’m really big about my lines, but I screw up a lot,” Tanner recalled. “She knew her lines way better than I knew mine. She was on top of it the entire time. That’s what I keep telling people, is you would think that she’s [been acting] for years.”  

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