When Diplo livestreamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s wedding last month, it caused a lot of drama, to say the least. In case you missed it, the two lovebirds tied the knot in Las Vegas after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1, 2019, and the DJ posted a ton of pictures and videos from the surprise wedding. But when the Jonas Brothers singer claimed it “ruined” the night, fans were quick to slam Diplo for his actions.

Well guys, the 40-year-old has finally explained why he decided to livestream their marriage, and he admitted that he didn’t even know it was real!

“I didn’t know it was a serious wedding! I really didn’t know what was going on,” he said during an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “I was hanging out with him after the Billboard Awards, I was just hanging out with him like, ‘This is crazy, dude. Let me record this.’”

The music producer added that although he was the only one to broadcast their “I dos” to millions of people, other attendees were recording the special moment.

“There was mad people with cameras, I didn’t know I was the only person recording this thing,” he continued. “I was sitting next to Khalid, we’re both with our phones out. I was like, I had no idea that I was the only one doing it, but whatever.”

As fans know, although the 29-year-old and his wife laughed it off in the end, they’ve made it pretty clear that they weren’t big fans of Diplo’s actions. Especially since Joe revealed that his own parents found out about the wedding through his video. Oops! But Diplo explained that there’s no bad blood between them.

“I was talking to Joe today because there was a story that came out that he was mad about me, and he called me today to apologize,” he told the radio station. Phew, we’re so relieved that they aren’t feuding.

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