When Kickin’ It was on the air, Kat McNamara, Jack Griffo and more notable names appeared as guest stars on the Disney XD series. Starring Olivia HoltDylan Riley SnyderLeo HowardMateo Arias and Jason Earles, among others, the show — which lasted for four seasons from June 2011 to March 2015 — followed a group of teen martial arts students who are forced to work together and strengthen their skills after their dojo is named the worst with in the Bobby Wasabi franchise.

Before she went on to star in the first season of Freeform’s Cruel Summer, Olivia, for one, gushed over her time on the Kickin’ It set.

“The Kickin’ It set is so much fun, I find myself in a new adventure every week. I work with an amazing cast and crew,” the actress told Seventeen in 2012. “I am very similar to my character Kim. We both are very girly, with a little bit of toughness. We have the same style. We both really care about our friends.”

While she and the cast “did a boot camp for martial arts” before shooting the show, Olivia also told the magazine that her “seven years of gymnastics definitely helped” when it came to martial arts.

“Martial arts is a lot more challenging than it looks,” she added. “I really enjoy the sport. The cast and I still go work out from time to time and we also take a parkour class when we have time.”

Other than Olivia and the cast, Austin NorthRoshon Fegan, Booboo StewartKelli Berglund and other Disney stars would hang out with the Kickin’ It stars amid their guest appearances. Following his guest-starring role Kickin’ It, Austin appeared alongside Olivia in another Disney Channel series. They starred as twins on the show I Didn’t Do It

“They have a funny relationship with each other. They do argue some, but deep down, they love each other, and you get to see those heart-warming moments sometimes on the show too,” he gushed about playing a twin with Olivia during a 2014 interview. “They definitely have a competitive side, which keeps life interesting.”

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