Can we get a show of hands — who here has an irrational fear? Does anyone else scream when they see a spider? Or panic when they’re up really high? Or feel nervous when they’re about to get a shot? Phobias are definitely normal, and everybody has them — even celebrities! That’s right, even though they can come off as pretty confident, your favorite stars get scared like the rest of us. J-14 went ahead and rounded up your favorite celebrities’ biggest fears, and uh, some are pretty random (and hilarious!).

Take the Dolan Twins, for example. You may not know this, but Ethan is actually terrified of small holes and hearing people chew — while Grayson is scared of being stuck in small spaces! What about Taylor Swift? Fans may be shocked to learn that she’s got a fear of sea urchins!

From spoons to pigeons to having to pee on stage, you’re not going to believe else what your idols are terrified of. Scroll through our gallery to discover the weirdest celebrity fears, and prepare for some major LOLs!

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