Uh oh! After Jeffree Star had roughly $2.5 million worth of makeup products stolen from his warehouse, black market retailers have been posing as innocent people online in order to get those same stolen products sold. The latest victim? None other than YouTube star Bethany Mota. Uh, what?

That’s right, you guys! Over the past several days, fans of both Jeffree and Bethany have been tweeting screenshots from the online fashion marketplace Poshmark, where some of the stolen goods have been illegally placed for sale. Unfortunately, the criminals who’ve put these items up on Poshmark have done so under the fashion vlogger’s name, raising more than a few eyebrows within her fanbase.

NGL, the listing looked very suspicious from the jump. The description of the product read, “I don’t have C5 Bc it was stolen. Currently selling extremely fast. I have all the shades. 100% authentic & cute packaging. Ships same day. Absolutely amazing formula and the best concealer I’ve ever tried! What shade would you like? Never taken out of the box. Sources straight from the manufacturer. I only have one quantity of each shade so get yours before they’re gone. Jeffree is a friend of mine and I’m a beauty blogger so these were sourced with integrity. THESE WERENT STOLEN.”

Honestly, that last part seems less than convincing, and fans have definitely noticed. In fact, several people have tweeted her letting her know about the fraudulent listings. Others, however, have seemingly fallen for it, bashing Bethany on Twitter for selling the products before Jeffree’s official launch.

“@BethanyMota There is someone pretending to be you on @Poshmarkapp going by the name bethanymotax selling stolen concealers from @JeffreeStar claiming they got them in PR,” one fan wrote.

“Well… that’s a good way to get bumped from the PR list,” another person added.

But just in case you thought it actually was Bethany selling Jeffree’s concealers online, beauty news  outlet TrendMood wants people to know their PR packages, as well as their identities, have been stolen by thieves for Poshmark.

“This PR package was supposed to be sent to me by @jeffreestar. These people have been stealing my identity + other influencers identity & selling our stolen PR products / boxes on poshmark. Brands beware!” they wrote.

Well, there you have it, folks! Bethany was one of those influencers whose PR box was allegedly stolen and resold online, and TrendMood confirmed that via Twitter as well. They said that the only connection Bethany has to that Poshmark listing is that the black market retailers used her name. Yikes!

Clearly, this is a very messy situation, and after the rough couple of months he’s had, the makeup artist could really use a break. Sadly, he keeps getting hit with more bad news.

“This is f–king crazy!!” he tweeted. “I’d love a night off lol.”

If we know Jeffree, we have all the confidence that his legal team is already getting this mess sorted out. Stay tuned!

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