It’s no secret that Camila Mendes is one busy girl. Between working on Riverdale and her latest movie The Perfect Date, we can’t imagine how she balances it all. Plus, the actress just signed on to do another movie called Windfall, so clearly, she’s not slowing down now.

Like The Perfect DateWindfall is going to be another Netflix original movie, and Deadline confirmed the 24-year-old will take on the lead role of Katie, “a young woman who abandons her medical profession dreams in order to support her husband’s ambitions.”

Although there aren’t many details about the plot just yet, it sounds like the family and crime drama that all diehard fans of Camila need in their lives.

Apparently, the story “centers around a young couple, Katie and Adam, struggling to make a successful life for themselves. After finally landing in the right place at the right time,  the couple find themselves in the middle of a criminal investigation.” Sign us up!

At this point, you’re probably desperate to know when the movie will hit the streaming platform, and we are too. Unfortunately, there’s no release date on this project as of yet, but we do know that filming begins this month.

There’s no doubt that the Riverdale star’s schedule just got way busier with the addition of this new flick, but you might be surprised to know that this isn’t the only new movie she’s signed on for! Camila also snagged a role in Palm Springs, a comedy that also stars comedian Andy Samberg and several others.

The good news about Palm Springs, however, is that it seems like it’ll provide some comedic relief for the actress after filming Windfall.

According to Deadline, “It follows carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah who, after have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other. Mendes will play Tala who is the bride at the aforementioned Palm Springs wedding and half-sister to Sarah.”

Camila?! A bride?! We’re loving this concept — especially since things are heating up between her and her IRL boyfriend Charles Melton. We mean, a little wedding practice never hurt anyone, right?

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