When K.C Undercover premiered on Disney Channel, Zendaya was already a household name with a bunch of famous friends. And some of them even made a guest-starring appearance on the show.

The Euphoria actress starred as math genius K.C. Cooper for three seasons of the show, which aired from January 2015 until February 2018. Throughout the series, fans watched as the teen conquered life in high school while hiding her double life as a spy. With the help of her family and best friend Marisa Clark (played by Veronica Dunne), K.C. is able to save the world while undercover — and working toward her high school graduation.

“I wanted to make sure that she wasn’t good at singing or acting or dancing. That she wasn’t artistically inclined,” Zendaya, who was also a producer on the show, told Vogue in June 2017 about creating her character. “I didn’t want them to all of a sudden be like, ‘Oh, yeah, and then she sings this episode!’ No. She can’t dance; she can’t sing. She can’t do that stuff. There are other things that a girl can be.”

The actress continued, “I want her to be martial arts–trained. I want her to be able to do everything that a guy can do. I want her to be just as smart as everybody else. I want her to be a brainiac. I want her to be able to think on her feet. But I also want her to be socially awkward, not a cool kid. I want her to be normal with an extraordinary life.”


Thanks to K.C.’s not-so-normal life as an undercover spy, she often found herself at odds with some interesting characters. One of which was played by Zendaya’s former costar and real-life best friend Bella Thorne. In one episode, the Shake It Up! alums went head-to-head as Bella played a student named Jolie who attempted to expose K.C. as a spy.

Following their epic on-screen reunion, Bella gushed over working alongside her BFF again.

“We text each other all the time, and we’re always sending photos back and forth,” she told J-14 exclusively in 2017. “Being on set with her again was awesome. Just to have my Z back, and to see how much she’s changed and how some of the things that I used to say, now she’s saying. … It’s so weird, but yet I love it!”

Scroll through our gallery to see which other celebs guest-starred on K.C. Undercover over the years. 

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