From TikTok stars to fashion designers, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have dipped their toes into the apparel space!

The internet stars officially released their Social Tourist clothing line, in collaboration with Hollister Co., on May 20. For their second drop, which was released on June 16, the girls leveled up their game and hosted a fashion show on TikTok with a few of their famous friends. Aside from Charli and Dixie, Avani Gregg, Madi Monroe, Markell Washington, Curtis Newbill, Phoebe Hines, and Caroline Ricke all strutted their stuff down the runway to show off the edgy new collection.

When reflecting on their decision to create Social Tourist, Charli tells J-14 exclusively that the entire experience was “absolutely insane.”

“Being able to work with Hollister is something that is obviously amazing,” she shares. “To not only work with them as a company, but to work with them, to develop our own line with my sister and my dad is something really amazing. I mean, my dad’s been in the apparel business his whole life. So, to have him be able to help us, this is really, really cool and very exciting.  I’m just really happy with the way that everything’s turning out.”

Teasing Social Tourist’s upcoming releases, Charli says that she and Dixie have “so much more to show everyone” and they “can’t wait” for more pieces to drop.

As for choosing the brand’s name, the dynamic sibling duo decided to play on something they know a lot about: social media.

“The inspiration for the name really came from the fact that none of us really know how to navigate life, and we’re all tourists in our own spaces,” Charli explains to J-14. “It’s the world of social media, but no one really knows how to do it. I think that’s very weird to live life as that, but that’s the life that we’re living in right now.”

Despite the uncertainty of it all, Charli says that it’s “really cool” to be in the social media age. “I don’t know anyone that doesn’t use social media at all,” she adds. “So, I think it’s a way to bring everyone together and just kind of let everyone know like, ‘Hey, we’re all going through it together. We’re all learning. We’re all seeing new places, seeing new things together.’ And I think that that’s such an awesome thing.”

One thing Charli and Dixie bring to the table as clothing designers is their unique styles, which took some “compromise” when developing a cohesive collection. “We do like a lot of similar things, but when it comes down to it …  it’s clothing pieces that are a little bit more specific instead of just sweatpants and hoodies,” she shares. “That’s when it kind of gets into, you can really see our own styles. And you’ll definitely see that in some upcoming launches.”

Scroll through our gallery to see pictures from Charli and Dixie’s Social Tourist fashion show. 

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