Fans were left pretty worried about Charli D’Amelio after they noticed what appeared to be a man watching her in the background of one of her videos.

The influencer posted a clip of herself dancing to TikTok on June 26, 2020, but when some people pointed out that there seemed to be a creepy hooded figure in it, they started to freak out. Yeah, if you look closely, you can see what appears to be a person sticking their head out from behind her house, and then slowly moving out of frame.

Charli Dancing Figure

Fans quickly took to the comment section to voice their concerns.

“CHARLI I SWEAR TO GOD THERE IS A PERSON IN A BLACK HOODIE IN THE BACK NEXT TO THE HOUSE! PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND STAY SAFE!” one person wrote, with another adding, “Charli there’s someone behind you.”

“Anyone else see something peak out at Charli from the back of the house?” a third fan commented.

For those who missed it, the mysterious shadow comes just days after TikTok star Lovely Peaches — whose real name is Brittany Johnson — was banned from the video streaming app for threatening Charli. She seemingly claimed during a livestream that she had hired “the perfect 30-year-old man” to sexually assault the dancer. She also claimed that Charli’s fans “were bullying her” in an Instagram Stories post.

Charli has yet to publicly address the situation, but while talking to paparazzi in a recent video, her sister, Dixie, said she doesn’t know if she’s “allowed” to discuss the drama, and added that they’re trying to “figure it out” and “protect their family.” Plus, Hype House founder Thomas Petrou vowed to protect Charli in a recent comment.

“Will do,” he replied to a fan on TikTok who asked him to “keep her safe.” “Anyone attacks her, I’ll kill them.”

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