Touching memories. Descendants star Jadah Marie remembers her time with the late Cameron Boyce fondly.

“The first-ever person who, honestly, gave me the biggest hug was Cameron Boyce,” the actress, 16, told J-14 exclusively. “I remember walking in and he just gave me the biggest hug and he was like, ‘Welcome to the crew kid.'”

Jadah joined the Disney Channel franchise as Celia for the third film, where she shared the screen with the late Boyce and Dove Cameron, among the other stars.

“I had a chemistry read with Dove Cameron. [Originally,] that was the only cast member that I had met because majority of my scenes were with her,” the Julie and the Phantoms alum recalled, noting that after she was cast Dove “knew” it was going to be her role.

Celia, was the daughter of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog, and it was a role that Jadah loved playing for multiple reasons.

“I loved her sassiness and I loved how she was a daddy’s girl. I loved that,” the actress gushed to J-14. “I loved how they portrayed that relationship and how selfless she was. The only person that she really cared about was her dad, and she was gonna do anything to be with her dad and to focus on their goal. I really loved her dedication and how sassy she was. She was a queen.”

Although this iteration of the Descendants franchise has since come to an end, Jadah still has ideas about what Celia would be doing now.

“I would love to see what she has done with the Isle of the Lost and with the world. Honestly, with the whole other world — there’s a gate now — and see how her life has changed. If she’s still the same or if she has changed truly for the better.”

When it comes to memories with her former costars, Jadah has a ton. One of which being the final musical number they performed together, “Break This Down.”

“It was the last-ever musical number that we were all gonna do together. So, we really like wanted to take in every single moment and it was definitely bittersweet,” she shared. “I was so blessed and grateful to have that opportunity. Because, honestly, I came back home, and I literally thanked the universe every single day and I literally thanked [director] Kenny [Ortega] every single day. … I thank him every day for just believing in me as an actor and as a person and trusting in me on all these characters that he gave me. Honestly, I’m so grateful.”

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