Getting honest. Dixie D’Amelio sat down with her therapist in J-14‘s exclusive clip from The D’Amelio Show and expressed her feelings after being faced with parents Marc and Heidi D’Amelio‘s relationship issues.

In the clip from the Wednesday, October 4, episode — titled “There’s So Many Sides to This Story” — Dixie explained that she harbored some “resentment” toward the other members of her family because of what went down when Charli D’Amelio and her mom, Heidi, were on Dancing With the Stars.

“My parents went through a really rough time and I, kind of, ended up in the middle of it. I mean, I hate that I feel resentment towards Charli, but I handled everything on my own — all sides,” Dixie said in her confessional. “I became the middle person of this whole situation from talking to her and my dad, and my mom, my cousin, my aunt — like everyone was talking to me. And so, I was dealing with everyone’s relationship and going through a breakup at the exact same time.”

D'Amelio Show Clip

In terms of her breakup, Dixie was referring to her late 2022 split from Noah Beck. The former couple started dating in September 2020, and confirmed their breakup in November 2022. While dealing with the split, Dixie was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and subsequently handling everything going on in her family.

“It was definitely a really tough time and kind of life-changing on how I look at relationships and how I feel towards things,” Dixie told Us Weekly ahead of the season 3 premiere, referring to her parents’ marital issues. “It made me also realize … I care about very few people the way I care about my family, and if I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t have been so invested and upset with all the situations. So I think even though it was really tough for me, I know that it was all out of love and I would just do anything for my family.”

Heidi, for her part, spoke about her DWTS experience to J-14 exclusively, explaining how things “took some time” to get back to normal after she and Charli were on the show.

“Charli and I were so checked out doing Dancing With the Stars, and Marc and Dixie were together all the time. Dixie and I felt like we fell out of touch and even Marc and I, we had to get that back,” she said. “Unless you’ve done Dancing with the Stars, it sounds crazy. It took some time to settle back into. It didn’t take that much time, but it did take some navigating, because I felt like — when you do something so intense for so many months, I grew so much as a person. So, I’m coming back into our family feeling like I have so much more to give.”

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