While he may be remembered for his Teen Wolf role, Dylan O’Brien is not Stiles Stilinski anymore!

The New Jersey native made his TV debut when the MTV series premiered in June 2011, and his career has only continued since then. During a fireside chat with The Berkley Forum in October 2020, Dylan spoke about his favorite season of the show.

“I think I have to, if I’m picking my most fun season of Teen Wolf, it’s hard for me not to say [season] 1 though … just for the sake of, y’know, no one knew what the show was gonna be. We were making this little show, this little show that could — this little weird wolf show — we were just having the time of our lives. It was all so exciting to us. Obviously, we were all different degrees of experience,” the actor recalled at the time. “I think Tyler Hoechlin, obviously, had been acting since he was a kid, as was [Tyler Posey]. Then, for me, it was my complete first. Fresh out of high school, just completely no idea what the hell was going on, just winging it kind of deal. But we were all just so fresh and young, and game, and loved it, and believed in what we were doing. Those are always just the greatest moments in something.”

Following his stint on the series, Dylan went on to star in The Maze Runner franchise, American Assassin and Love and Monsters, among other film roles. Despite his huge career, the actor has always given love to his first-ever role.

“Everyone who knows me closely knows that my heart lies and dies with Teen Wolf,” Dylan gushed during the cast’s virtual reunion in June 2020, noting that he took home Stiles’ Jeep on the last day of filming. “There was no way I was not taking that Jeep. Luckily, there was not exactly a premium on it.”

He may have to give it back now since there was Teen Wolf movie announced in September 2021. While it’s unclear if Dylan will be reprising his role for the highly anticipated film, the actor did live out one of his dreams in November 2021 by starring in Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well” short film.

“I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, I love her even more now,” Dylan gushed to E! News about the songstress. “She’s, like, the best person ever, she is so brilliant. So yeah, it was like an automatic yes. I think we were sort of just hanging out on the phone and she asked me a while into it, like, you know, how long I wanted to think or whatever and it’s OK if I wanted to say no, and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s not even a question.’”

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